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Raised a “PK” (Preacher’s Kid) I have never gotten too far from God growing up. Some would say that I was destined to be a child of God. Looking back over my life, I can’t recall anything I have missed by giving my life to Christ. I love Jesus and Iove God eternally for giving us His son in order for me to live a life of Light! ~ Wee

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Finding balance, using self care and prayer
Finding Balance: Self-Care and Healthy Living for Single Christian Women
Hey there, my sisters in Christ! Life can be a rollercoaster, right? Between work, church, and everything else, it's easy to forget to take care of ourselves. But guess what? God wants us to be healthy and happy, too! Today, let's talk abou...
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Relationship Goals waiting for Mr Right
Relationship Goals Settling vs Waiting for Love
Is there such a thing as Happily Single?While scrolling through variesyou see pictures of couples - married or unmarried, the single chicks or the single handsome guys. Of course all have equally adorable pictures, right? Absolutely. However, the sin...
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