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Relationship Goals waiting for Mr Right

Relationship Goals Settling vs Waiting for Love

Is there such a thing as Happily Single?

While scrolling through varies

you see pictures of couples - married or unmarried, the single chicks or the single handsome guys. Of course all have equally adorable pictures, right? Absolutely. However, the single ones are not really single or not so unattached as one might seem and rather keep that part of their life private (Hummmm, I know what you are thinking but let's save that for another time,) or they are in fact really single.Solo date Often times labels are attached to those who are single, some are favorable and others not so much. Being single in this era is not seen as a catastrophic event compared to the days of the past.

Isn't it about time?

Many have gotten married out of convenience only to find out later that they have made a big mistake. No matter how hard you try, the relationship doesn't seem to come full circle. Sure there's intimacy and everything else that comes with the title of being married. But yet you are left feeling like something is missing. Sure, some may say how can something be missing if you have it all, right? That's the thing, what's having it all? From the looks of the aforementioned characteristics that's what's sought after generally in most cases. We have all heard the saying, "money can't buy you love." Some say it can and others may say it sure can't. But I must say it's a good down payment....just kidding. 

Waiting for Ms. or Mr. Right or settle for Ms. or Mr. Right Now.

Should you settle or wait? Ok, I know what you're thinking, some have settled on a mate and they did okay. For example, I know ladies that have the dream house, car, expensive vacations, etc...but are not fulfilled because all of those things came with a price; like verbal or physical abuse, control, or simply the absence of Love itself. 

Wedding day

So, is it really settling or an act of compromise giving two people what he or she want "right now?" Remember, a compromise is simply blending qualities of two different things. Opposites attract or do they?

The ultimate solution is following God’s design for marriage. In Love's defense Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell said it best, "Ain't nothing like the real thing baby! Talk with you later!

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